Presentation : men at the service of mechanics

In 1947, confronted with the difficulty of finding sliding bearings to repair engines after the war, Jules COSTE decided to create, the Société d’Application du Métal Rouge© (SAMR) in the suburbs of Troyes en Champagne (France).

He succeeded in the creation of the homogeneous fusion of two immiscible materials and mastered the delicate procedure of the application of anti friction metal by centrifugation.
This allowed the company to develop rapidly in the automotive and lorries markets, up until the end of the 1970's.

The company which then had up to 50 employees, sold its sliding bearings by mail order, exhibited at the Paris motor show and had it's own shop in Levallois-Perret (Suburbs of Paris).

The market standardized and new technologies imposed themselves in the field of mass production. Christian, the son of the founder, took over SAMR © and developed the expertise of the company in the manufacture of limited production parts with a high added value.

He transferred the foundry to the main site, and, in the 80's, converted the machines to numerical control
During this time, he introduced the ISO standards for Quality.

At the start of this century, the evolution of production constraints, those of the demand for quality by the clients and the growth of the market naturally lead the company to adapt.

In 2002 it was decided to sell the company and it was bought by : Lionel PELLEVOISIN.
His first challenge : moving the company - with the relocation of the factory, the stocks, and the offices - to a new site measuring 6000m², of which 1800m² were covered, and intended for the manufacture of sliding bearings. 35 qualified employees at your service.
60 years of evolution and experience in the same trade.
An integrated factory with : a copper alloy foundry, white metal lining workshop, an electrolytic treatment line, a machining workshop and a metrology office as well as a research department.
A dependable expertise by the application of the ISO Quality standards, formalizing procedures and in house techniques and assuring traceability
Integrated mastery of all of the phases from the design to the manufacture of a product.
Regular investments to meet the demands of the industrial markets.

METAL ROUGE © is a PME, market leader in multi-metal sliding bearings, in units or in small runs, developing customer loyalty by its commitment to a constant progress in quality reactivity and service.

METAL ROUGE ©, has drawn on its experience and customer satisfaction, to enlarge its field of activity and develop international operations so as to promote its expertise and serve world markets.

METAL ROUGE ©, has drawn on its expertise in sliding bearings, to extend its service to the installation and maintenance of rotating machines.

METAL ROUGE ©, offers training courses in sliding bearing technology